The point of the piece isn't to say it's healthy. Plenty of things are unhealthy, but we all have the right to do them. It just so happens women seem to appear to be judged more for their unhealthy behavior for stupid reasons. So either we can start judging men as we judge women or let women get with what men get away… » 8/01/13 5:23pm 8/01/13 5:23pm

I'm responding to RaccoonFighter but I don't want him out of the grey: Yes, that is TOTALLY what feminists are fighting for. To call you a dickbag. » 7/31/13 6:15pm 7/31/13 6:15pm

I hear you. I always had a nagging feeling that my mantra of "I can do anything I want because I'm better than those women who failed" wasn't true before I took a women's studies course on women writers, and realized "Holy shit, I see it now." And sometimes I wish I could turn it off, because I've been made into the… » 7/31/13 6:02pm 7/31/13 6:02pm

At least there are some advantages? Though I find it hard to believe. I now have another survival-oriented advantage to being short besides, "If there were a zombie apocalypse, I would be able to hide in a small space, like a closet or a piano, while all of you tall, strong people had your brains eaten! But they would… » 7/30/13 5:53pm 7/30/13 5:53pm

Ah, the holding in farts stage. I know this probably makes me a bad person, but I did get annoyed when my (now ex) boyfriend asked if he could fart. He was within his rights and I didn't have a right to be annoyed three months in, and he did ASK. But it still bothered me, especially because it was a loud kind of wet… » 7/30/13 5:43pm 7/30/13 5:43pm

As a journalist, something tells me this is laziness. Someone didn't want to do one more shoot and drape 10 thousand white blankets over an elaborate set and do hair and makeup for 1-5 actresses. But hey, I don't work in entertainment journalism. Something tells me this is a crutch, though. » 7/30/13 4:12pm 7/30/13 4:12pm

There is so much more to dislike in that list, namely being frightened of old people and the comment about sources. It sounds a bit conceited and you would think a news organization would care more about making sources feel bad than whether or not she was wearing a bra. » 7/29/13 5:07pm 7/29/13 5:07pm

Same here! I could have used this when I was stranded in a rural area. Now I have a store literally blocks from me and they finally get on board. Jerks. » 7/29/13 5:02pm 7/29/13 5:02pm

My roommate's girlfriend has the most exaggerated vocal fry and it makes me want to slap her in the face. BUT I have to remember that it may not be something she has a ton of control over. We weren't all blessed with Kathleen Turner voices. » 7/29/13 4:23pm 7/29/13 4:23pm

I'm not saying it would look subtle, because subtle isn't really my favorite thing in lipsticks, but Asian Flower by MAC looks surprisingly good on me and I'm pale as a ghost. » 7/29/13 3:34am 7/29/13 3:34am

Gah. It's a number. What matters is what you've done or how you feel or where you're at, and now of that has to do with age. I don't understand people like this. I'm taking it day by day accomplishing what I can now, and not worrying about what I can't. You can't control aging no matter what you do to conceal the… » 7/28/13 6:28pm 7/28/13 6:28pm

I'm totally in the same position with my boss. It's a small company and he treats everyone in a sort of shitty way so I try not to take criticisms personally. But he is so insufferable (always says he has to micromanage his employees) and he can't have a conversation with anyone, just acts like a professor and talks… » 7/27/13 7:19pm 7/27/13 7:19pm

Starting four years ago, I came upon the realization that I want to have John Oliver's babies. I already thought he was great on TDS and then I saw him in person at an event in DC, and he was even better. But alas, he's married to some conservative blonde lady who is super attractive. Whhhyyy. » 7/25/13 6:15pm 7/25/13 6:15pm

Ugh, NO. Just because he mentored Sheryl Sandberg doesn't mean he gets a pass. And...I don't like his face. Yes, the least one is illogical, but the man is a screw up in a myriad of ways. » 7/24/13 5:34pm 7/24/13 5:34pm